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Software engineers love Byteboard's new interviews expansion to Data Science, Data Engineering, and SRE

Byteboard interviews expand to Data Science, Data Engineering, and SRE

Byteboard, an equitable remote interviewing platform, adds 3 new fields to its interview suite.

Byteboard was founded to fundamentally change the software engineering interview process to be more effective, efficient, and equitable. Since Byteboard’s launch in July 2019, we’ve interviewed thousands of candidates across general software, mobile, and web engineering roles using our project-based interviews, which assess for skills used on-the-job rather than the theoretical concepts tested in traditional interviews. Byteboard clients, including Hulu, Robinhood, and Lyft, have found Byteboard to be a more fair and predictive measure of a candidate’s skills, with onsite-to-offer rates more than doubling from the industry average of 25% to well over 57%.

Today, we’re excited to launch three new interviews, Data Science — Analytics, Data Engineering, and SRE, which enable our clients to streamline and standardize their hiring processes across engineering organizations.

Byteboard interview encompasses software engineering, data science & analytics, and site reliability engineering

SRE & Data Engineering

Our SRE and Data Engineering interviews follow our project-based methodology, with an additional focus on the unique skills that differentiate SREs and Data Engineers from generalist software engineers.

In addition to general software engineering skills:

  • Byteboard’s SRE interview dives into the skills needed to make scalable and reliable systems
  • Byteboard’s Data Engineering interview assesses a candidates ability to extract and manipulate data, and to make Database and Systems design decisions

Data Science — Analytics

We started the Data Science interview creation process entirely from scratch, leveraging our assessment methodology and insights from the past two years to create an interview uniquely tailored to the core skills for this role. We worked with a team of product and data analysts to map the skills required on-the-job, and to formulate an assessment and evaluation criteria for these skills. We spoke with industry experts, hiring managers, and individuals in a variety of data science and analytics roles to better understand what ‘data science’ means across the industry. What we learned is that ‘data science’ encompasses a huge range of skills, roles and responsibilities that differ per company, and sometimes even significantly differ across roles within one company.

Byteboard’s Data Science — Analytics interview is geared towards roles that focus on measuring, evaluating, and driving business or product direction and performance. Individuals in these roles often work with stakeholders such as executives, product managers and engineers to drive better decision-making. Tasks may include designing and implementing new metrics, automating analysis through dashboards or visualization, revealing new business opportunities found in the data, and generating recommendations that drive change. Since this assessment evaluates several data science skills with a focus on analytics, we recommend using it to assess skills leveraged by Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, and similar roles.

I thought the content was awesome. The test I took had a SQL section, then Python, and ends with real business applications.”

Data Science Analytics Candidate

The launch of Data Science — Analytics, Data Engineering, and SRE, each uniquely developed to assess the skills needed to be successful on-the-job, round out our suite of interviews across six technical domains. The application of our assessment development methodology to Data Science demonstrates the impact Byteboard can have across fields and domains beyond Software Engineering.

At the end of the day, Byteboard’s ultimate goal is to make interviewing better for companies and candidates alike.

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