Byteboard’s highest-scoring technical skills in 2022 university recruiting

What do Fortune’s 10 best companies to work for all have in common? They all have early talent programs. For many of these companies, interns serve as the primary pipeline for new college and career hiring. Zippia reports that 70% of interns are hired by the company with which they intern, indicating that evaluating how interns perform on-the-job is a vital metric for how successful the intern will be in a full-time capacity.

The secret to a good technical interview process

If you’re an engineering manager or recruiter, you’ve likely experienced firsthand the shortcomings of a traditional technical interview. In this blog post we share the impact of a poorly-designed interview process and a checklist to help you assess if your process is meeting the bar.

How to hire for Data Analyst and Security Engineering roles more effectively

As companies collect and store more data, and security concerns continue to rise, the demand for data analytics and security engineering roles has skyrocketed. Hiring for these positions, which require specialized skill sets that differ from more general software engineering roles, can be challenging.

What to expect from the Byteboard Interview experience

At Byteboard, we’ve been thinking a lot about how tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot impact the role of engineers, how we think they’ll change technical interviews, and how we can adapt our assessments to the mainstream usage of these tools.