Hiring engineers in the age of AI and ChatGPT

At Byteboard, we’ve been thinking a lot about how tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot impact the role of engineers, how we think they’ll change technical interviews, and how we can adapt our assessments to the mainstream usage of these tools.

Announcing the Byteboard Hiring Consortium!

Byteboard developed the first product to revolutionize the technical interview. Today, we’re excited to take it a step further with the launch of the Byteboard Hiring Consortium. It’s time to finally revolutionize the technical interview process.

There’s a lot more to engineering than coding

Ezoic is a rapidly growing AI-based web optimization startup based in Carlsbad, CA. We chatted with Ezoic’s engineering manager, Jason Bauer, about his experience with using Byteboard over the last year to grow their technical team.

Work is changing, so should technical interviews

ith the abrupt changes to how we live and work, many individuals are unexpectedly finding themselves in a volatile job market. A job-search is always hard. However, for engineers in particular there is a unique barrier that leads to frustration and anxiety — the technical interview.

Announcing our partnership with Teamable

People organizations have long been subject to disjointed software stacks. Fragmented processes slow down talent acquisition and stagnate essential growth, the effects of which compound as organizations grow. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Byteboard’s partnership with Teamable.

Better technical assessments mean better hiring

Most technical interviews assess an engineer’s ability to prepare for traditional algorithm problems, not their ability to do the actual job. At Byteboard, we are obsessed with creating assessments that provide a useful, fair, and accurate report of a candidate’s fit for a role, regardless of their background. So, how do we do that?