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Our Story

Frustrated with the considerable amount of time and resources spent preparing for technical interviews, our founders recognized the technical hiring process was in need of change. Having personally experienced the ineffectiveness, inequity, and inefficiency of the process, they set out to build a product that actually helps companies evaluate for candidate skills and save time.

Why I love Byteboard

“I love Byteboard because I get to work with a group of people who feel just as connected to the problem we are solving as I am. Everyone here feels the same sense of responsibility to make technical hiring more equitable because we know the effects it can have on the team and the company.”

Kriti Nelavelli, Designer

Life at Byteboard

Here at Byteboard, we believe great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. The core of our culture is one of ensuring everyone has a clear vision of where we are going, the sense of ownership to take action to get us there, and the awareness that it is ok if we don’t get it right the first time as long as we always keep trying.

Our team values engaging authentically, collective ownership, and shooting for the stars. We laugh together, we work hard to solve real problems together, and we support each other as people first.

We are a diverse bunch of doers and thinkers; a few fun tidbits about us:

🌎  We’re extremely proud of our team diversity (60% identify as women).

🐕  Lots of furry friends of Byteboard (cats included too); four of us wanted to be vets as kids!

🧑‍💻 Our seed round was led by Cowboy Ventures along with a diverse set of angel investors, with half being women and more than a third black.

⏰  Collectively we have 90+ years of experience across tech, education, data science, and other sectors.

🦜 If we were to deliver TedTalks, some of our topics might include expanding surface area of luck and weird animal facts.

Our Values

Our shared values impact how we show up as members of the Byteboard team. These values serve as the guide for how we make decisions and best serve our customers.

We define greatness.

We are proactive, instead of reactive. We stay ahead of the curve, and strive to define and demonstrate what great looks like from all corners.

We are customer-obsessed.

To build a product that our customers obsess over, we must first obsess over our customers. So everything we do revolves around our customers (companies and candidates) at the center of our purpose.

We act now.

We act with ownership. We take responsibility in Byteboard’s success through our voices, actions, and long-term impact. We are action-forward, and don’t let perfection get in the way of trial and delivery.

We add the cherry on top.

We create moments of delight for our customers and each other. We value taking time for celebration and having fun.

Why I love Byteboard

“I love Byteboard for so many reasons. Because I get to get up every day and start working on projects that have a real impact in reducing inequities and re-imagining hiring and the workplace for good. Because I get to spend my time working with some of the kindest, funniest, and most skilled people I know.”

Obasi Shaw, Head of Assessment Development

Perks and Benefits

🎒 Your Health and Well-Being First

At Byteboard, we provide employees with 100% coverage on medical, dental, and vision premiums. We offer employees membership to an online therapy service.

💻 Tools

You’ll receive all new equipment including a laptop and be provided a stipend for other accessories you may need to do your best work.

🌴 Reset and Rejuvenate

Byteboard offers unlimited paid vacation plus ten (10) observed holidays by country. We do an annual week-long winter and summer shut-down across the company to allow everyone to reset and rejuvenate.

🏖️ Company off-sites

We hold in-person team retreats semi-annually. Our prior off-sites have been in New York City, Catskills, and New Orleans.

Fully Remote Team

Byteboard is building a fully remote team across the US and Canada. We currently have team members across three different time zones. Whatever works for you!

How Byteboard has redesigned the coding test

Software defined talk highlights Byteboard

Brandon interviews Sargun Kaur, Co-Founder and CEO of Byteboard. They discuss the challenges and frustrations with technical interviews and how Byteboard has redesigned the coding test.

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Improving the technical interview process

Improving the technical interview process

Byteboard co-founders Sargun Kaur and Nikke Hardson-Hurley join Emily Chang to talk about removing bias and inefficiencies in the technical interview process.

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Byteboard nabs $5M seed to change the way engineers get hired

Byteboard nabs $5M seed to change the way engineers get hired

Byteboard announces a $5 million seed round led by Cowboy Ventures along with a diverse set of angel investors, with half being women and more than a third Black.

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A Message from our Co-Founders

We are a small and mighty team of individuals committed to creating a more equitable tech industry. This shared mission makes working at Byteboard a constant joy. We wake up every day grateful that we get to be surrounded by like-minded, kind, and brilliant people and do work that matters alongside them. We hope you choose to join us!

Nikke Hardson-Hurley & Sargun Kaur

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