The Betterment Story

Betterment: Assessing for the Skills that Matter on the Job

Why Betterment Uses Byteboard to Hire


New York, NY


Company size

300+ employees

Betterment is the largest independent online financial advisor with a mission to empower people to do what’s best for their money so they can live better. As a fast-growing company, Betterment needed to hire and scale quickly. By partnering with Byteboard, they doubled their engineering team with an interviewing and assessment process—enabling their positive and engaging office culture to grow.


The Betterment team prioritizes cultivating an inclusive culture that recognizes and respects diversity of experience, background, thought, and behavior. They’re dedicated to building an environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all of our employees, but the existing interviewing and assessment process needed to change. Before Byteboard, it took days to coordinate with a candidate and match them with an engineer. And as the Betterment team grew, they were spending too much time on phone screens, which became time-consuming and cost-inefficient. Betterment needed a solution to improve the interviewing and assessment process, decrease the toll on engineering time, while maintaining a positive, engaging, and fun experience for candidates.


Compared to other interviewing and assessment options, Byteboard is the most efficient and effective. It assesses the skills that truly matter on the job. For the recruiting team, the easy integration with existing tools, like Greenhouse and Lever, was appealing because it also allowed recruiters to look at results within existing ecosystems—reducing the need to track across multiple platforms. In alignment with Betterment’s mission, Byteboard’s platform also elevates highly skilled diverse candidates into the Betterment pipeline.


In just a few months, the Betterment engineering team doubled in size with Byteboard. Compared to other options, Byteboard is seamless, provides very concise summaries of skills, and comes with real results. This helped the team screen through hundreds of candidates to quickly find and hire great engineers with the right set of skills. The assessment process also provides managers with better insight into candidates’ skills and opportunities for growth—helping leaders develop thoughtful plans for their growing team.

In the past, it took days for us to accomplish what Byteboard can do for us in a much faster and more efficient way. We found amazing candidates and efficiently doubled in size.

Derek Haas, Senior Recruiting Manager

In a typical interview, I get really nervous because I have no idea what to expect. That’s extremely intimidating and rarely provides a great read on what to expect from a candidate on a daily basis. I like that Byteboard screens me for my skills, but doesn’t require me to over prepare.

Betterment Candidate, April 2020