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Get seen by actively hiring companies with a single technical interview!

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Tell us about yourself

Signing up takes <10 minutes and allows you to share your team preferences, values, & more with hiring managers across the industry.
Step 2

Complete the Byteboard Interview

This 115 minute interview simulates the engineering you do on-the-job. The interview is evaluated anonymously to eliminate bias.
Step 3

Skip first-round interviews

Companies will review your preferences and interview results. Interested hiring managers will reach out with next steps.

FAQ for Candidates

How and why do I apply?

You can apply here. By applying, you will be able to take the Byteboard interview and be fast-tracked to the next round of interviews with Byteboard partner companies that are interested in your application.

Who can apply?

Currently we’re only able to accommodate candidates based in the US applying for technical roles.

What information will be shared to companies?

By applying to join the Byteboard Talent Directory, you are agreeing to share your application responses, Byteboard interview results, and contact information with recruiters and hiring managers from Byteboard’s partner companies.

What is the Byteboard interview?

The Byteboard interview is designed around on-the-job software engineering skills - assessing many aspects of your work and providing us with a holistic picture of your coding and problem-solving skills. Over the course of the interview, you will be working on implementing aspects of a single project. After you submit your interview, your materials will be evaluated blindly by a team of calibrated and trained reviewers to ensure that we fairly assess your skills. For more info, check out how it works here.

What roles are available to interview for?

The Byteboard interview is available to candidates who indicated interest in Back-end, Full-stack, Front-end, Infrastructure, Data Engineering, and Mobile (Android and iOS) roles.

Can I still attend the Career Fair if I don’t take the Byteboard interview?

Yes we will send you information to join us for the Virtual Career Fair but you will not be able to skip interviews with interested companies.

I haven’t received a link to take the Byteboard interview. What should I do

We are reviewing applications daily and you should receive a response from us within a week. If you do not receive a response, reach out to info@byteboard.dev.

What companies will be part of the Byteboard Career Fair?

New companies are signing up daily but some companies already onboard include Hulu, Figma, Ethos, and many more!

Can I take the Byteboard Interview again?

At this time, you can only take the Byteboard interview once after applying to the Byteboard Talent Directory.

Can I remove my information from the Byteboard Talent Directory or opt-out of sharing it with a specific company?

You can remove your materials from the Byteboard Talent Directory or request that your data not be shared with a specific company at any time by emailing info@byteboard.dev. After you take the Byteboard interview you will be able to opt-out of sharing your data with any of Byteboard’s partner companies and will be notified whenever new companies are provided access to the Directory.

FAQ for Companies

How much does it cost to participate?

Participation in the Virtual Career Fair is completely free for companies currently hiring. We are striving to accommodate as many companies as possible while still making it a useful experience for candidates.

Access to the Byteboard Talent Directory is limited to Byteboard companies. Companies will be able to unlock up to 20 reports for free, and purchase more reports as they like. We are currently not charging a sourcing or finders fee. We’re currently offering free access to Byteboard until June 30th.

You can request a demo and sign up by emailing info@byteboard.dev.

What candidate information will be provided in the Byteboard Talent Directory?

All Information provided in the candidate application will be provided to you in the Byteboard Talent Directory. This includes the candidate’s responses to the roles they are interested in, the locations they are open to, short answers to how they would handle different difficult situations, their preferences for the values and culture of their next team / company, demographic data (if shared), and more.

In addition, you will be able to unlock the candidate contact information and their full Byteboard interview report to decide if you want to bring the candidate to the next round of interviews.

What roles are candidates applying for?

Candidates will be asked to share their interest for various technical roles. The Byteboard interview is available to candidates who indicated interest in Back-end, Full-stack, Front-end, Infrastructure, Data Engineering, and Mobile (Android and iOS) roles.

How much time will I have to speak at the Byteboard Virtual Career Fair?

Each company will have 25 minutes to speak with candidates in the Virtual Career Fair. We encourage you to leave at least 10 minutes to answer questions directly from candidates in attendance.

How long will the directory be available to me?

The Byteboard Talent Directory is currently open to all active Byteboard companies. We will continue to add candidates to the Byteboard Talent Directory on a rolling basis.

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