About How It Works

How It Works

What are the benefits of using Byteboard over other tools?

The Byteboard interview is carefully designed to give you a stronger and more reliable signal of a candidate’s software engineering skills through a project-based interview that is more fair (and fun) for candidates.

We provide:

  • bank of calibrated questions in seven programming languages that are validated through an extensive assessment development and user testing process and paired with structured rubrics to ensure consistency
  • end-to-end service that includes the development of unique questions, an interview platform, candidate support, interview evaluation, and skills reports
  • anonymization and structured evaluation of the interviews
  • data-rich skills profile for each candidate within 48 hours of them completing the interview
  • dynamic recommendations which get better over time based on your engineering values, candidate pool volume, desired experience level, and onsite outcomes

How does Byteboard fit into our hiring process?

The Byteboard interview is designed to replace one or all of your pre-onsite technical interviews. It provides you with a strong understanding of your candidate across 20+ essential software engineering skills, so you can make decisions with confidence about which candidates to bring onsite.

What roles is the Byteboard interview available for?

The Byteboard interview is currently available for backend and full-stack engineering roles, focusing on assessing for general computer science competencies for interns through senior engineers. We are expanding our question slate to include front-end, data engineering, testing, and mobile engineering focuses in the second half of 2019.

How quickly can I start using Byteboard?

Byteboard onboarding is very quick. Once you have signed on, you will receive instructions on how to start sending the Byteboard interview to candidates. If you are interested in getting a demo, reach out here.

Does Byteboard offer integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems?

We currently offer an integration with Greenhouse. We also offer a streamlined way to send out the interview to candidates to minimize overhead on recruiters.

How does Byteboard handle candidate data?

Candidate data is protected under privacy guidelines and is only used to communicate with the candidate. Interview data is only shared directly with the hiring company. No data is shared with any Alphabet teams outside of the Byteboard team or with any other Byteboard partners. Furthermore, we delete candidate PII after six months and only keep anonymized aggregated data to ensure data privacy. These guidelines will be outlined in your Byteboard contract.

What languages are offered?

The interview is currently offered in the following coding languages: Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, JavaScript (node.js), and Go. It assesses for general / backend software engineering skills.

It is currently only available in English.

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