Project-based assessments that evaluate the real SWE skills

Evaluate candidates across 20+ software engineering skills as they work through a small time-boxed project that simulates real-life asynchronous work.

What is a Byteboard assessment?

The Byteboard assessment is a project-based take-home interview where candidates work on the technical requirements and coding implementation to solve a problem in a real-world context.

Technical Reasoning Exercise

The Technical Reasoning Exercise involves a project like looking at an existing code base with a new set of requirements and creating a design document. Our assessments are open-ended, so there are multiple paths and no “correct” answer. You get to see how candidates think through problems in a real-world scenario.

Code Implementation Exercise

The Code Implementation Exercise involves taking the solutions from the design document and implementing them within an existing codebase, just like they’d be required to do within the first few weeks of their new job. By putting the code test in the context of a project, candidates are required to think about the problem holistically. They can demonstrate their coding skills and so much more.

Role definitions

Byteboard assessments are available across several domains and calibrated to four experience levels.

Intern <1 year 1-4 years >4 years
Technical Design

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering assessment domain has an explicit focus on assessing the skills required of full-stack and backend engineers with data structures and algorithms experience.

Java Python Ruby C++ C# JavaScript (node.js) PHP Go Rust
Frontend Engineering

Frontend Engineering

Candidates build a real webpage while demonstrating their ability to consider user impact when making important front-end design decisions. Measure key domain-specific skills such as accessibility and animation.

JavaScript React TypeScript
Mobile Engineering

Mobile Engineering

Candidates build an app in a real mobile development environment demonstrating their ability to make frontend design decisions that will impact the user experience. Recommended for iOS or Android engineers with app development experience.

Swift (iOS) Kotlin Flutter
Data Engineering

Data Engineering

The Data Engineer assessment focuses on assessing database design decisions and ingesting and manipulating data. We recommend this assessment for data engineering or infrastructure roles with a focus on coding in Python, data manipulation, ETLs, etc.

Java Python
Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE-SWE) assessment focuses on assessing systems design decisions and the ability to implement a reliable system. We recommend this assessment for SRE-SWEs, full stack, and backend engineers with system design experience.

Java Python Ruby C++ C# JavaScript (node.js) PHP Go

Data Analytics

Explore a real dataset and communicate findings and recommendations to key stakeholders. Recommended to assess skills such as data extraction, data exploration, and business analysis,  leveraged by Data Analysts, Business Analysts, and similar roles.

Python R SQL
Security Engineering

Security Engineering

Improve the security of an application by identifying weaknesses and making recommendations to fix vulnerabilities. Recommended to assess skills such as network security and familiarity with security frameworks and compliance.


How is it different?

When compared to in-person interviews and automated screeners, Byteboard checks all the boxes.

In-person interviewsAutomated screeners
Project-based interviews using real work artifacts

Anonymized Evaluation to reduce bias

Human review for rich and nuanced signal

Essential SWE skills including coding and technical design

Soft skills such as communication and the ability to work as a team

Senior engineering assessment that assesses architecture and design

Scalable solution for high-volume hiring

Structured rubrics for consistent and fair grading

Built, administered, and maintained by in-house experts

The Byteboard assessment is designed to require a level of flexible thinking, decision-making, and context-awareness that AI tools can’t provide on their own. Even with these tools widely available, we’re confident that achieving a Strong rating still requires true job-related expertise!”

Obasi Shaw, Head of Assessment Development

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Avg. candidate satisfaction post interview


Avg. onsite-to-offer rate (industry avg. of 25%)


Reduction in pre-onsite interview time

Integrate with these services and more

Integrate with your processes

Integrate with Greenhouse and Lever to track and manage all your candidates in one place. Stay on top of interview results by receiving on-time and actionable notifications.

Continuous monitoring and calibration

Byteboard monitors outcomes based on which candidates are brought onsite and receive offers. Byteboard improves recommendations over time to customize them to your hiring needs and goals.

Monitoring & calibration

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