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It’s time to step up your interview game

A real-world technical interview that finally gets you better results

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Evaluate for on-the-job skills

Byteboard’s pre-onsite interview assesses for over 20 essential software engineering skills, leading to a 2x improvement in onsite-to-offer rates for many of our partners.


Reclaim engineering time lost to interviewing

Our partners have replaced up to 100% of their pre-onsite interviews with Byteboard.


Stop missing out on great candidates

Candidate information is anonymized and evaluated against a well-defined rubric to enable hiring managers to make data-backed decisions with confidence.

“Byteboard has played a big role in helping us build an interview process at Affinity that's pleasant, fair, and effective. It's also allowed us to reduce the amount of time engineers have to spend on phone interviews, while increasing the number of candidates we can consider. We're big fans!”

Adam Perelman
CTO, Affinity

“We're committed to bringing the top engineers to Betterment, with a stellar candidate experience along the way. Through Byteboard's blind technical interview, we were able to efficiently filter through our applicant pool to pinpoint strong candidates with the engineering skill sets we need to take our product to the next level.”

Anil Beniwal
VP of Engineering, Betterment

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Step up your interviewing game with Byteboard

Candidates should be preparing for the job, not the interview. Byteboard saves companies time through a more equitable and effective interview.

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Google's Area 120 launches Byteboard to improve technical interviews

Area 120, Google's lab for experimental projects, is launching Byteboard today, a new tool that aims to make the technical interview experience less tedious and more effective.

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Google's built a new tool to help you ace your next developer interview

Byteboard is meant to close the gap between the information engineers are expected to show off in interviews, and the knowledge they use when carrying out day-to-day engineering work.

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