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With interviews that simulate real work, Byteboard is helping the best engineering teams hire faster, smarter, and more equitably

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“Through Byteboard’s blind technical interview, we were able to efficiently filter through our applicant pool to pinpoint strong candidates with the engineering skill sets we need to take our product to the next level.”

Anil Beniwal, CTO, Arcadia


Save valuable engineering time

Cut pre-onsite interviewer time by 100% and save your engineering team hundreds of hours spent in time-consuming old-style technical interviews.

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Using Byteboard as a full replacement for pre-onsite interviews, companies cut pre-onsite interviewer time and can reduce time-to-offer by 37%.


Asynchronous assessment

Candidates take the Byteboard assessment on their own time, which saves hiring managers hours of time and reduces candidate anxiety.

Human graders

Human graders

Rich and nuanced insight into your candidate’s technical strengths and weaknesses that go beyond a pass-fail indicator.


Avg. onsite-to-offer rate
(industry avg. of 25%)

Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard
Director of Technical Recruiting, Collectors

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Assessments for all your open roles

An out-of-the-box solution that replaces pre-onsite interviews across all your key technical roles

Software Engineering

Technical Design

Collaborate in a design doc and code in an existing codebase.

Frontend Engineering

Frontend Engineering

Use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create a real webpage.

Mobile Engineering

Mobile Engineering

Use Swift or Kotlin to build an app in a real mobile development environment.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Make database design decisions and ingest and manipulate real data.

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering

Make systems design decisions and implement a reliable system.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Explore a real data set and communicate findings to key business stakeholders.

Security Engineering

Review the security decisions of a system and fix threats and weaknesses.

Measure what matters so you can build strong teams more efficiently

Evaluating candidates with critical insights into the skills engineers need to be successful.

Project based interview

Project-based interview

Byteboard interviews assess for skills like code quality, product sense, and trade-off analysis—things you can’t measure in a traditional interview. Candidates show how they think through problems they’ll face every day as an engineer, not just how many algorithms they’ve memorized.

Thorough, rigorous rubrics

Trained software engineers review candidate responses and provide a comprehensive performance report and next steps recommendation, based on your role requirements. Hiring managers save time by replacing their technical evaluation, removing bottlenecks in their process. Because Byteboard interviews are more effective at identifying promising candidates, hiring teams can put their energy towards candidates most likely to receive an offer.

Rubrics and ratings.
Skills report

Skills reports

Most technical interviews over-index on evaluating the wrong skills, leading to underperforming candidates, incorrect leveling, and attrition. Byteboard assessments prioritize performance across critical metrics, so you can identify top performers early and hire them confidently.


Avg. candidate satisfaction post interview

Regardless of how well or poorly I did, this is the most enjoyable coding challenge I’ve ever taken.”

Candidate interviewing @ Lyft

Inclusive hiring best practices

We built Byteboard to ensure everyone has a fair chance to demonstrate their skills by ensuring the fair administration and evaluation of our interviews.

Fully anonymized evaluation of candidate materials, reducing bias

Give candidates a way to show their whole selves and don’t favor those with access or abundant time to study for abstract coding tests.

Asynchronous assessment format that limits candidate anxiety

Inclusive hiring

Betterment: Assessing for the Skills that Matter on the Job

With Byteboard, the Betterment team quickly doubled the size of their engineering team with a process that reflected their positive and engaging office culture.

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