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We didn’t crack the coding interview, we redesigned it.

Candidates should be preparing for the job, not the interview.

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You’ve probably seen it all.

Technical Phone Screens. Automated Coding Tests. Weeklong Take-homes. It’s time for something that actually works.

Traditional technical interview

Traditional skills map
Evaluates for interviewing skills

Requires months of preparation for theoretical questions that are often not reflective of what engineers do on-the-job.

Lacking quality control
Lacks quality control

Interviewers create their own questions that are undervetted and lack structured rubrics, resulting in biased evaluation.

Calendar with limited time
Bottlenecked by scheduling interviewers and candidates

Recruiters constantly have to shuffle for available interviewers and candidate availability, delaying the time-to-offer significantly.

The Byteboard interview

Byteboard skills map
Evaluates for on-the-job skills

A highly predictive project-based interview that simulates asynchronous engineering work in order to assess for real engineering skills.

Quality control
Built and monitored by experts

An out-of-the-box interviewing solution of high-quality, calibrated, unique questions paired with structured rubrics for fair evaluation.

Scaleable replacement for pre-onsite technical interviews

Candidates can take the interview on their own time. Byteboard’s calibrated evaluators grade candidate materials and provide a detailed performance report.

Our interviews simulate real work.

The Byteboard interview replaces pre-onsite interviews across all of your key technical roles with a small, time-boxed project that simulates real-life asynchronous work.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Collaborate in a design doc and code in an existing codebase.

Frontend Engineering

Frontend Engineering

Use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create a real webpage.

Mobile Engineering

Mobile Engineering

Use Swift or Kotlin to build an app in a real mobile development environment.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Make database design decisions and ingest and manipulate real data.

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering

Make systems design decisions and implement a reliable system.

The proof is in the pudding.

Companies like Betterment, Ezoic, and Lyft use the Byteboard interview to make their hiring process more effective, efficient, and equitable.

Satisfied candidates
Avg. onsite-to-offer rate
(industry avg. of 25%)
Reduction in pre-onsite
interviewer time
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Byteboard is truly a game-changer. In my 5 plus years working in the recruiting space, I’ve never seen such an effective interview. We’ve freed up hundreds of hours of time for both recruiters and Lyft engineers, while increasing our top of funnel considerably.”
Thomas Hughes, University Programs Manager @ Lyft

We apply inclusive hiring best practices.

We built Byteboard to ensure everyone had a fair chance to demonstrate their skills by ensuring the fair administration and evaluation of our interviews.

Project-based interview evaluated using highly structured rubrics
Fully anonymized evaluation of candidate materials to limit bias
Asynchronous, real-world interview format that limits candidate anxiety & the need for excessive preparation
Inclusive hiring

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